How to Save ChatGPT Conversations

How to Save ChatGPT Conversations

ChatGPT is a powerful chatbot that can generate realistic and engaging text responses for various purposes, such as creative writing, coding, brainstorming, or just having fun. If you are using ChatGPT, you might want to save your conversations for future reference, sharing, or editing. In this article, we will show you how to save ChatGPT conversations in different ways.

ChatGPT Already Saves Conversations

The first thing you need to know is that ChatGPT already saves your conversations automatically. No additional steps are required to retain your chat conversations within the chatbot interface. By logging in to ChatGPT and accessing the sidebar on the left side of the screen, you can conveniently retrieve your previous conversations. You will see a list of your chats with AI-generated names based on the first query you made. You can click on any chat to resume it or view its history.

ChatGPT already saved Conversations

You can also rename or delete your chats by hovering over them with your cursor and clicking on the pencil or trash icons. This can help you organize your chats and find them easily later. However, If you want to preserve your conversations outside of ChatGPT, you will need to employ alternative techniques.

How to Save ChatGPT Conversations Through Chrome Extensions

One of the easiest ways to save ChatGPT conversations is to use the Chrome extensions. There are many browser extensions that can help you save, export, and share your conversations in different formats, such as HTML, PDF, PNG, or TXT. Additionally, you have the option to print out your conversations or share them with others by providing a link.

Here are some extensions used for saving ChatGPt conversations

SaveGPT: This extension is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. ChatGPT automatically saves your conversations in the cloud and synchronises them across all your devices. To access your saved conversations, simply click the “Chat History” button on the ChatGPT website. This will allow you to view and review your previously saved chats. You can also filter, search, and delete your conversations from the extension menu. You can export your conversations as HTML files or print them out. You can also share your conversations with others by generating a unique link.

Export ChatGPT Conversation: This extension is only available for Chrome users. It adds a “Copy” and a “Download” button to the ChatGPT website, allowing you to copy or download your entire chat thread as an HTML file. You can also export your conversations to your Notion workspace by connecting your Notion account and selecting a destination page.

Bing Chat Save: This extension is only available for Microsoft Edge users. It adds a “Save” button to the Bing AI Chat website, allowing you to export your conversations as HTML, PDF, TXT, or JSON files. You can also choose to copy your conversations to your clipboard or print them out. You can select your default export method under Export Settings.

ChatGPT Backup and Save: This extension is compatible with popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. By adding a “Save this conversation” link to the ChatGPT website, this extension enables you to conveniently save your conversations as PDF or text files. You can access your saved conversations from the extension menu or from your local drive. You can also delete your conversations from the extension menu.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius: This extension is designed to work seamlessly with both the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It adds a “Save” button to the ChatGPT website, allowing you to save your conversations in different formats, such as Markdown, PDF, TXT, HTML, and JSON. You have the option to personalize the visual aspects of your saved conversations, such as modifying the font size, color, and style, to suit your preferences.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

How to save ChatGPT Conversations


ChatGPT is an intriguing chatbot that offers assistance with a wide range of tasks and provides entertainment through its clever and amusing replies. If you want to save your ChatGPT conversations, you have two options: use the built-in feature of ChatGPT that saves your chats automatically, or use a Chrome extension like SaveGPT that lets you save your chats in different formats and share them with others. Either way, you can enjoy chatting with ChatGPT and keep your conversations for later use.

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