ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT plugins are add-ons that integrate the power of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model with external services, tools, or applications, to enhance the capabilities of chatbots and virtual assistants. These plugins provide users a more seamless and natural way to interact with the integrated tools or services without switching between different applications or interfaces.

Chat GPT-4 is an advanced language model by OpenAI that can understand and produce human-like responses in natural language. By integrating this model with external services or tools, ChatGPT plugin enable users to access and leverage the power of these services through a chatbot or virtual assistant.

To create a Chat GPT plugin, developers must use OpenAI’s API to connect the external service or tool with the Chat GPT-4 model. It involves providing API access to the external service’s database and training the GPT-4 model to recognize and respond to specific user queries related to the integrated tool or service.

Currently, plugin support is only available to a limited number of users invited to the waitlist and granted access to the ChatGPT API. Additionally, these users must have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which provides access to the advanced features and capabilities of the GPT language model.

The reason for this limited availability is to ensure that the integration of external services or tools with the GPT language model is controlled and safe. It allows OpenAI to monitor the use of plugins and ensure that they meet certain quality and security standards before being made available to a wider audience.

However, as Chat GPT plugins continue to gain popularity and prove their usefulness, OpenAI may expand access to the API and plugin support to more users in the future.

Web Browsing Plugin

The ChatGPT Web Browsing Plugin is a tool developed by OpenAI that allows a language model, such as ChatGPT, to access and retrieve information from the web. The plugin focuses on safety and responsible use, with measures to minimize security vulnerabilities and prevent access to harmful or inappropriate content.

The plugin’s text-based web browser can only send GET requests, the most common type of request in web browsing. This limitation limits the plugin’s functionality to information retrieval and prevents it from performing transactional actions like submitting forms or making purchases. Excluding these actions minimizes the risk of security and safety problems.

The plugin uses the Bing search API to retrieve web content, which leverages Microsoft’s work on source reliability and information truthfulness. The plugin has a built-in “safe mode” feature to prevent the retrieval of inappropriate or harmful content.

ChatGPT’s browsing activities are isolated from OpenAI’s infrastructure to enhance safety and security. The plugin operates within an isolated service, which prevents it from accessing or interacting with any other OpenAI tools or services. It helps prevent potential security breaches or issues with the language model.

Code Interpreter Plugin

The Code Interpreter Plugin is a powerful tool provided by OpenAI that includes an active Python interpreter in a sandboxed environment with a firewalled execution environment. This plugin ensures the safety of the system and the user’s data. The Python interpreter can evaluate code, and successive calls can be made on top of one another. The plugin maintains a persistent session for each chat conversation with a specified upper-bound timeout.

The Code Interpreter Plugin’s key feature is the ability to upload and download files to and from the active conversation workspace, enabling users to work on their code and collaborate seamlessly. The plugin also provides temporary disk space, which allows users to store data temporarily while working on their projects.

This plugin is particularly useful for solving mathematical and data-related problems. It can be used for quantitative and qualitative analysis, data visualization, and converting files. Python empowers users to automate tasks and perform intricate calculations with ease. They can also use the plugin to test their code, debug their programs, and experiment with new ideas.

Retrieval Plugin

The ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin is a unique tool enabling users to perform semantic searches and retrieve individual or group documents seamlessly. The plugin enables users to perform natural language-based queries, allowing them to easily and quickly find the most relevant document snippets from their data sources, including files, notes, and emails.

The ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin allows businesses to make internal documents easily accessible to their staff, improving productivity and efficiency. It uses OpenAI’s embeddings model to create embeddings of document chunks, which are then stored and searched in a vector database on the backend. It ensures fast and efficient retrieval of documents, even from large datasets.

Developers can easily deploy the Retrieval Plugin as it is an open-source, self-hosted solution. They can register their own Retrieval Plugin with ChatGPT and select their preferred vector database provider from a list of supported providers. The flexibility provided by the plugin enables developers to customize it to suit their specific needs and requirements.


WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine that uses algorithms and databases to provide answers to factual queries by computing and processing relevant data. It covers various topics, including mathematics, science, technology, engineering, history, etc.

With the ChatGPT plugin for WolframAlpha, users can ask questions or input queries in simple English. The GPT language model will process the input and generate a response that is then queried against WolframAlpha’s vast knowledge database. It makes it easier for users to access information and insights on a wide range of topics without deeply understanding the subject matter.

For example, a student could ask, “What is the formula for calculating the area of a circle?” The ChatGPT plugin would generate a response that includes the formula and other related information from WolframAlpha’s database.

The integration of WolframAlpha with ChatGPT 4 through a plugin allows users to access a wealth of knowledge and information in a more convenient and user-friendly manner, making it an excellent tool for students, researchers, and anyone who wants to learn more about a particular subject.


The Expedia plugin for ChatGPT 4 allows users to access various travel-related services and information, including flight and hotel bookings, travel planning and recommendations, and more.

Users can interact with the ChatGPT language model using natural commands and queries to access Expedia’s travel data and services. For example, a user could ask, “What are the cheapest flights to Hawaii in July?” or “What are the best hotels in London City for a family vacation?” and ChatGPT would process the input and generate a response that includes relevant information and options from Expedia’s database.

With the Expedia plugin for ChatGPT, users can save time and effort searching for travel-related information and services. They can also get personalized recommendations and suggestions based on their preferences and travel history, making planning and booking trips easier.


KAYAK Chat GPT plugin is a tool that allows users to access KAYAK’s travel search engine through Chat GPT 4. KAYAK is a popular travel booking website that offers search tools for flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages.

With the KAYAK Chat GPT plugin, users can search for travel options and get real-time results without leaving the Chat GPT interface. They can ask natural language questions and get relevant answers and suggestions based on their preferences and travel needs.

For example, a user could ask, “What are the cheapest flights to London in July?” or “What are the best hotels near Disneyland?” Chat GPT would process the query and return relevant information and options from KAYAK’s database.

The KAYAK Chat GPT plugin also allows users to refine their searches and filter results based on specific criteria such as price, location, or travel dates. They can also view details about flights or hotels, compare prices, and book directly through KAYAK’s platform.


The Speak plugin for ChatGPT combines the power of multilingual intelligence with chat capabilities to provide users with a new way to learn languages. With Speak, users can communicate with ChatGPT in natural language to receive personalized language learning experiences.

The plugin leverages the natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT to understand user input and generate responses that help users learn a new language. Speak also uses machine learning algorithms to adapt to each user’s learning style and progress, ensuring that the language learning experience is tailored to their needs.

In contrast to traditional language learning tools such as Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, Speak provides a conversational experience that allows users to practice their language skills in a more natural setting. By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Speak enables users to engage in dynamic, personalized language conversations that can improve their fluency, pronunciation, and overall comprehension.


The Zapier ChatGPT plugin allows users to integrate with Zapier’s automation platform and perform tasks across more than 5,000 different applications. Zapier provides a simple interface to set up “Zaps,” which are workflows that automate tasks between different applications. With the ChatGPT plugin, users can communicate with Zapier to set up and manage Zaps more efficiently. For example, a user could ask ChatGPT to create a new task in Todoist whenever they receive an email from a certain sender or to log a new row in a Google Sheet whenever a new customer is added to their Shopify store. The ChatGPT integration makes it easier for users to automate their workflows without learning complex scripting or programming languages.


The OpenTable Chat GPT plugin is designed to make restaurant reservation bookings easy and convenient for users. OpenTable is a popular restaurant reservation platform that allows users to book reservations at various restaurants. With the OpenTable Chat GPT plugin, users can use natural language to search for restaurants, specify the date and time they would like to book a reservation, and even filter their search results based on location, cuisine, and other preferences.

The integration with Chat GPT allows for a more conversational and user-friendly experience for making restaurant reservations. The AI-powered chatbot can assist users in discovering and reserving an ideal restaurant via conversation. This plugin is particularly useful for those who are always on the go and prefer to book reservations quickly and efficiently without the need to navigate multiple screens or menus.


The Instacart Chat GPT Plugin is a plugin that integrates the Instacart grocery delivery service with Chat GPT 4. This integration allows users to easily order groceries and other household items through a conversational interface.

Users can ask Chat GPT 4 to order specific items, add items to their cart, and check out. The plugin also allows users to schedule deliveries and view past orders. Additionally, the plugin offers recommendations and suggestions for items to add to the user’s cart based on their previous orders and shopping history.

The Instacart Chat GPT Plugin offers a convenient and efficient way for users to shop for groceries without leaving their homes. It simplifies the ordering process by allowing users to communicate with Chat GPT 4 using natural language, which makes the experience more conversational and user-friendly.


FiscalNote is a platform that provides users with information on legal, policy, and regulatory developments. By integrating with ChatGPT, users can ask questions and receive customized information streams in a conversational format. The integration also allows FiscalNote to learn how users interact with the system and improve its algorithm accordingly.

For example, a user may ask ChatGPT within the FiscalNote plugin about recent changes in environmental regulations and how they impact their business. After receiving a user’s query, ChatGPT leverages its natural language processing capabilities to comprehend the inquiry and generate a pertinent response. The user can then ask further questions or refine their query as needed.

The integration with ChatGPT can make it easier and faster for users to access relevant information and insights from FiscalNote, ultimately helping them make better-informed decisions about their business.


Klarna is a popular payment solution provider that offers a “buy now, pay later”. It is a widely recognized payment solution for e-commerce, available in numerous countries globally, and is a preferred choice among online shoppers. With the Klarna Chat GPT plugin, users can now interact with Klarna’s payment services through ChatGPT. This integration allows users to check their payment status, due dates, and options. Users can receive notifications and alerts about their payment status directly in the ChatGPT chat interface. This plugin simplifies the payment process for users and provides a more convenient way to manage their payments.


The Slack Chat GPT Plugin is a plugin that allows users to interact with the Slack messaging platform through ChatGPT. Slack is a widely-used messaging platform that facilitates communication and collaboration among teams working on various projects. With the Slack Chat GPT Plugin, users can ask ChatGPT to perform various tasks in Slack, such as sending messages, creating channels, setting reminders, and more.

For example, a user can ask ChatGPT to send a message to a specific channel in Slack with a certain message or ask ChatGPT to create a new channel and add specific team members to it. This integration helps to streamline communication and increase productivity for teams using Slack as their primary messaging platform.

To use the Slack Chat GPT Plugin, users must have a ChatGPT Plus subscription and API access to apply. They must also have an existing Slack account and be authorized to use the Slack API. Once authorized, users can connect their Slack account to ChatGPT and begin using the plugin.


The Shopify Chat GPT Plugin integrates ChatGPT and the e-commerce platform Shopify. It allows users to manage their online store from within ChatGPT, making it easy to perform various tasks such as adding products, managing orders, and tracking shipments.

With this integration, users can communicate with their Shopify store through ChatGPT in natural language, making it easier to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. For example, a user can ask ChatGPT to add a new product to their Shopify store, and the plugin will take care of the rest. Users can also receive updates on orders, track shipments, and view sales analytics, all within ChatGPT.

The Shopify Chat GPT Plugin also makes it easy for merchants to manage multiple stores from a single interface. Users can switch between stores, view and edit products, and manage orders for all their stores within ChatGPT.


The integration of Chat GPT plugins with various services has provided users a more streamlined and efficient experience. These plugins offer a range of functionalities, from travel planning to language learning to automate tasks, all of which can be accessed through a simple chat interface. With the power of Chat GPT’s natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, users can communicate with these services as if they were talking to a human. As more services integrate with Chat GPT, it is exciting to see the potential for further advancements in conversational AI.


Please note that the information provided about various ChatGPT plugins is based on publicly available sources, and the accuracy or availability of these plugins may be subject to change over time. Additionally, the integration and use of these plugins may require certain subscriptions or permissions that are not guaranteed to be available to all users. This information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any particular product or service.

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